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A Week in Shanghai

Exploring the Asian Startup Ecosystem

With my radio show co-host Michael Waitze, we’ve been traveling around Asia discovering what makes a great tech startup ecosystem. We talk to local tech startups, angel investors, co-working spaces, event owners and government agencies. We’re enjoying a rare hour of downtime with a view here in Shanghai.

Building a Tribe of Investors

The Journey to Financial Freedom

With my business partner Erik ten Have, we’re growing a tribe of likeminded people who seek financial freedom through property investment. We believe that financial freedom is choice – enough passive income to be able to do what you want, when you want and with who you want.

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Asia Tech Podcast

Tech startup media company focused on Asia

Learn how Michael and I built Asia’s fastest growing tech podcast. Our goal is to build a tech media company from the grass roots up, one podcast interview at a time. With a focus on tech startups and investment, we cover the most exciting trends in Asia – from Artificial Intelligence to Cryptocurrency to what makes a great startup ecosystem. We publish a weekly summary every week and new interviews with tech founders / investors every day.
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Lazy Money Machine

A mastermind group for investors who want to become financially free

Learn how Erik and I built a $10 million real estate investment portfolio from scratch. Our goal is to build a tribe of likeminded investors who want to create financial and time freedom through passive income. Our tribe helps each other through knowledge share and networking. We share case studies, lessons learned and member Q&As through regular Facebook Live broadcasts and daily discussion in our private group.
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